Model Layout Visits

My Model Layout Visits Collection

Here are the growing number of model layouts that I have visited over the years. Those that are highly recommended are in asterisk (*)

  1. LOXX Berlin Miniaturwelt in Alexa shopping complex, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany (*)
  2. York Model Railway in York central station, Yorkshire, UK
  3. Miniatur Wunderland Album 1 and 2 in Hamburg, Germany (*)
  4. Internationale Modellbahnaustellung (IMA) in Göppingen, Germany
  5. German Rail fair Album 1 and 2 in Hannover Messe, Germany
  6. Modellbahnwelt in Oberhausen, Germany (*)
  7. Modellbau Süd Album 1 and 2 in Stuttgart Messe, Germany

This MBI magazine listed 65 permanent model railway layouts across Germany and I have only see 3 of them. Oh well, start packing and counting. Another 62 to go!

If you have a chance, do visit and be awed by Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany. You need to reserve your entrance time slot.

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