About Trai-N-master

Who Am I
An ordinary guy exploring extraordinary things in life. I lived in Malaysia for the past 35 years, 1 year in Berlin and God knows where I will be next. But I am always optimistic on my next journey. Just trying to spice up my life with different experiences be it at work or at play. I see myself as a visionary, a great thinker, an empire builder. I hope to live my childhood passion – trains and my adulthood interest – telecoms in the next 35 years.

Who is a “train master”?
A train master is basically the boss of a railroad terminal, typically a freight terminal. He is responsible for the smooth running of the terminal operations – safety, interchange between railroads, administrative and discipline of crew members (see more). It is a hectic job for one person. In my miniature railroad world (rosenberg-meet.blogspot.com), I am the train master.

My blog “Trai-N-master” is cheeky play with the above role. I emphasized “N” since I model the 1:160 scale, which is also called N-scale (N stands for “neun” (German for “nine” or 9mm gauge). I have been planning my N-scale layout called Rosenberg-Meet, named after a location in Rosenberg, Texas, USA, for a few years but had not had a chance to build it. I hope to revisit this layout in the future (see blog rosenberg-meet.blogspot.com).

Why “trains”?
I always get this question – why trains? I felt in love with trains since I was a kid in Brickfields, a railway town just outskirt of Kuala Lumpur city. I grew up hearing trains passing by the main station and main freight and passenger yard which was just a stone throw away from my grandpa’s house (this yard is now KL Sentral). I love the sound of the engines chugging up and down the tracks, the sound of the horns and the clickety-clack of the tracks.

I hope to build my N-scale layout when I retire and enjoying railroad in the 21st century with my grandchildren.

Join me in this exciting journey. Find me at germaN160.wordpress.com

Jimmy Low


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  1. Hi!

    I saw that you did the GMAT and that you live now in Frankfurt. I just recently moved to the Rhein-Main area. I have to do the GMAT as well, and wanted to ask you if you know someone who is offering private lessons in the Rhein-Main area or could help me?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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