telc B1 and B2 Deutsch Score Matrix

I am back for another standarised test after my last one, GMAT, in 2009. My mum wonders why this son of hers is always studying and taking exams. Oh well, mum, we need to keep on moving – upwards – in life. So, here goes another test in 3 months time; this time the telc B1 Deutsch language test.

I have been learning Deutsch – Start A1 at Goethe Institute in Kuala Lumpur – since December 2009, made a short one year pause during my MBA in 2010 and continued when I started working here in Germany, the course courtesy of my German employer. I reached B1.2 level but did not take any standardised test. So, here goes my second standardised language test after Cambridge English 1119 (are they still around?)

I did a similar score matrix analysis for GMAT (see my GMAT blog and so I thought I should also do the same for telc Deutsch test and share it everyone.


In general the telc B1 and B2 Deutsch tests consist of these parts:

Schriftliche Prüfung (Writing Test)
1. Lesenverstehen (Reading) – total 75 points
2. Sprachbausteine (Grammar/Vocabulary) – total 30 points
3. Hörenverstehen (Listening) – total 75 points
4. Schriftlicher Ausdruck (Brief) (Letter Writing) – total 45 points
Part 1 to 4 – total 225 points (75%)

Mündliche Prüfung (Oral Test) – total 75 points (25%)

With such marking scheme and weightage, even if you achieve 80% of the Writing Test (up to 225 points), you just made it to a “Pass” (180 points) – assuming you do not do the Oral test, if that is even allowed. Listening part is important since even achieving 100% of Part 1, 2 and 4 would only give your 150 points (still a “Fail”).
Update: During my B1 Deutsch preparation, I was told that we need to achieve at least 60% of each part – Writing and Oral tests – in order to pass the whole exam. So you cannot skip the Oral test at all.

So this means Listening and Oral tests are VERY important to push your score higher. Here is a score matrix which I developed to prove the point. So put your efforts where it pays off and where you are weak in (note: this matriy is not from telc GmbH and shall not be responsible for its accuracy. Likewise, it is just a guidance and so I shall not be responsible for your outcome other than wishing you good luck!)

telc B1 B2 Deutsch matrix

Update: After spending 17 preparation lessons, where we were taught the techniques of answering the questions using model tests from coursebooks and model tests 1, 3, 4 and 5 from telc, I got a good feel of my B1 level. In order to do well (i.e. to get “Sehr Gut” rating), in the B1 test, you can only lose 5 points from each Part 1 to 4 and Oral test, which is equivalent to making only 1 mistake per part.


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